I cannot get into the printer setup utility’s utility icon in order to view the ink content or to clean the printer head. The electrical contacts on the cartridges are on the vertical surface that faces the backside printer. I have an HP Deskjet which also complained about being out of paper when paper was clearly available. Make sure you have selected the correct printer when printing. Thanks for any help Tom. Turn off the printer and restart the computer. Printer was working fine.

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hp deskjet 960c printing problem

The third method the Toolbox test page can be used to print a test page from the Toolbox after the printer software is already installed on the computer. You should see all of the colors three-color cartridge: Does paper feed before the resume light starts flashing?

The option is under the Advanced tab, and when the grayscale box is checked you should be able to select Black only. I’ve taken out the nearly-new HP black cartridge and replaced it with two others, one nearly empty and another new one.

Its also possible that it could be coming from corrupted Printer Drivers that are loaded inside your Computer System, some other software related problem, or ptint a bad or failing Color Ink Cartridge [especially if you are refilling your own cartridges, or buying refurbished ink cartridges].


Clean them and the corresponding spring-loaded contacts on the cartridge carriage. If you listen to the motors during initialization do any seem to be turning faster than usual? When I try to print page 2 of some multipage documents, especially in landscape, the printer sends the paper through with nothing printed on it.

I pdint printing business cards and the printer feeds three quarters of the page and then sticks and slips as if the feeder loses contact with the paper, causing the print to override and blur.

Looked through this post and tried the soaking in hot water first – no improvement. HP no longer supports Windows Time passed and the paper rollers on the got harder and shinier and I replaced it with a second hand Check to make sure you have the correct new black cartridge, an HP 45 [ A].

Print an internal test page to verify operation.

hp deskjet c printing problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

Its exactly prunt same as the new one I bought, on the outside. The printer simply remains inactive. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. If you are using HP’s printer driver software with XP, the program group created during installation will provide an uninstall option, then reinstall the software.

Now reach over and turn the printer on as normal. I’m making that assumption because you say the problem happens when printing text. These are a bit tricky to release but patience will prevail.


It does travel the indicator arrow to the black cartridge problem index, when the door is opened. Removing the Case 1. The error light code orint 3 leds blinking fast the same time is not in the manual.

HP Deskjet c Only need B&W Way? | FixYourOwnPrinter

Can anyone help me? The inkcartridges are printt, There is no paper jam. Toolbox test page Make sure that the cable that connects the printer to the computer is connected, and that the printer is turned on. I clean these, esp.

Any hints as to what may be causing this problem? Would like to know details of vacuum cleaner method.

HP Deskjet 960c … Only need B&W … Way?

All seemed to be fine. One big long vertical stripe down the page when I use the sheet feeder only-copies and faxes and pring. I realize printing using black only is usually an option in the software.

I’ve seen the paper encoder cause a similar problem in a different series