ASUS’s dream of domination originally became a reality with the V The Asus V and V Deluxe is based on NVidia’s GeForce chipset, which is one of the fastest graphics processor that is currently in the market. Most of the time, these tweaks work. One of the most often replaced component, besides the CPU and motherboard, would have to be the graphics card. You just won’t enjoy the games. The Deluxe came with a load of software to help users take advantage of the card.

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Most of the time, these tweaks work.

ASUS V6600 Deluxe SDR GeForce

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Coming v660 from what appears to be a headphone jack on the video card lies the ability to see OpenGL and D3D games in 3D mode. Beginning with the 32 MB of 5 ns SGRAM chips and going down all the way to hardware monitoring and S-Video connectors, ASUS has created a card that will make not only hard-core gamers but also home video editors rush to their nearest retailer. You just won’t enjoy the games.

ASUS’s dream of domination originally became a reality with the V I was able to use the driver with Adobe PhotoDeluxe bundled with my scannerbut not with VidFun another image editing program. Using the included Smart Doctor interface, we were able to see things about our card that we could only guess about with other SDR GeForce cards.

This dream, however, has continued throughout the years, a fact which may be seen with their most recent GeForce addition: Smart Doctor Technologies- Smart cooling, dynamic overclocking, overheat protection, fan speed monitoring, AGP power level monitoring. Video-In Support- Video capture, video editing, video conference The Deluxe came with a load of software to help users take advantage of the card. Only one page describing the driver install process was included for Windows NT users.


Physical installation was easy. I downloaded version 3. One thing to be noted is the lack of a composite in connection. Azus again, ASUS chose to take the road less traveled when providing such an advanced option, a fact that only brought more smiles to our faces.

The drivers could be installed through the Display control panel adus through a utility on the CD that promised to install the Asus video drivers, DirectX 7. This means that as long as you do not want a pair of not so stylish glasses flickering on your desk, you actually have to go to the back of your computer and unplug the device.

This chip provides the Ass Deluxe with a very clear and crisp display output via the included S-Video cable. If you just want a simple down to earth card, the V should do the trick, as it is pretty affordable too, just a little more than a TNT2 Ultra.

There are three main downsides to these glasses.

Post Your Comment Please log ssus or sign up to comment. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Max Refresh Rate Hz. Not a new weapon, just VR without the glasses. The tweak utility allows the core clock to be set from though Mhz, and the memory clock to be set from through Mhz.


Plugging in the included glasses causes the polarized lenses of the glasses to turn on and off at a quick rate, almost like you are seeing everything with flicker.

The glasses work in conjunction with this technology in order to match each frame to a separate eye. The best and most effective way of increasing your system’s performance would involve the upgrading of certain components.

Hardware One Reviews – Asus V GeForce (Page 2)

Now that the GeForce processor has been on the market for some time now, companies have been able to switch from using NVIDIA’s reference deign to a design which makes more sense for the manufacturer.

For example, frame 1 is rendered for the left eye a bit to the left side of the screen and saus through the transparent left lens. This is done using a polarizing effect. This is accomplished by rendering alternating frames in a game during each refresh cycle of the monitor.

V66600, the glasses do not turn off as long as they are plugged in. TV-Output Comparison with a few additional features, such as enhanced text sharpness. Log in Don’t have an account?