Resources for IT Professionals. Does anyone know how to solve this? Do you already have an account? Windows 7 Application Compatibility https: Oct 18, Posts: Because my ram is overclocked to Mhz, and I have an x gto2. It’s like the ATI tool that burns the card in; either way that usually fixes the issue for most.

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Anyways, the card is gone right now so yea, thank you. Click on Save on the profile menu at the top and it will save your default clock and memory speeds as 2D profile.

Click show 3d view to start ati render test. BUT the author of ATI Tool has got driver signing approvment from Microsoft so hes building this into his next release so you wont need atiitool do the f8 bootup anymore.

It’s like the ATI tool that burns the card in; either way that usually fixes the issue for most.

Which part are you complaining about? So how much do I have to incerease it by to overclock it??? Does it support the X Pro cards??


ATI Tool problem

Ark Sajin Fixes for coil whine Remember you should set your core at default before Finding Max mem, otherwise the artifacts caused by core overclock may interfere with that of memory and tool may fail to find optimum memory overclock and vice versa As soon as you finish finding stable Max core and Mem click on “Set clock” which will set your card Core and memory to the max detected speeds. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

CCC installs fine, but after installing and rebooting, it won’t even launch. When you open this tool a small window will open. Log in or Sign up. I recommend setting 2D profile before finding Max core and Mem overclock. Not an IT pro?

ATITool Guide….

As soon atltool artifact is detected it reduces the core speed and keep scanning for artifacts. Office Office Exchange Server. Windows 7 Application Compatibility https: I will be very glad to get back to the N camp when the DirectX 11 gear comes out.

Well, after reading this post I overclocked my Pro again. To do so select your profile in the top profile menu and clock on ” Properties siggned. Nvidia allows limited overvoltage and undervoltage. ATI is still doing a lot of work on their drivers as they are not yet fully ready for Windows 7. Aug 23, Posts: So, my questions for compatibilty are The only problem is now though every time i want to use ATI tool i have to keep disabling signature enforcement every time i start my pc. Sunday, July 12, Develop tinnitus as a result of 5.


Will void warranty if done. In overclocking options you can set the safety range to bind your overclock range.

CCC, and ATI Tool problems.

Seems this WHQL certification is causing more problems than solutions. Inno3D GTS mb. I suppose that however skgned make my performance even worse. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.