Could someone fill in the blanks for me and tell me where I am going wrong. Wed Dec 03, 9: Sun Nov 30, I’m not optimistic about internal drive vendors doing this, though, since MacOS X users represent such a tiny percentage of their sales. I highly suggest you try to NOT bypass this. I was running an update behind on Nero 5. Good thing, that there are external DVD writers developed for these more advance computers.

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Create a file with a similar name in the directory below: Anyone else have any thoughts?

Liste der unterst├╝tzenen CD/DVD/BD-Laufwerken

It isn’t well advertised, but you can find it here. It’s a 40x reader. It works for me to the degree that my drive Samsung B is recognized and disc copy will burn, but the verification will inevitably fail.

Found the instructions unclear? Thanks for the input, everyone. Try some other CDs. Again, thanks for the help so far.

The speed limit on importing e. In Jaguar, I had ‘patched’ so that my burner would be recognised. Actually, the solution above is the same thing, with some careful modification for your own drive.


External DVD Writers

The default options should be fine. Yes I have voice alerts turned on, and they’ve been working on good ‘ol Victoria too it seems.

Send feedback about this page. I did it using OS9 to avoid authorization problems, but with a minor modification of the file DeviceSupport. BiL Castine on Feb 16, ’04 ide2524 Choose Make More Copies or Close to exit.

My BTC IDE5224 52x CD-RW only shows as a 32x max in Nero. I have flashed the latest firmware.

That can be then modified to allow for complete burrning support, and it worked beautifully for me. Unit has been tested and only seems to work on its side.

I’ve used the same spindle of media on another 52x drive, sriter problems. This is in the console With that file, System Profiler will display “Disc Burning: They even said that their drive tray has been redesigned to prevent the escape of any fragments should the disc “explode” their word, not mine!


The portability of the device is always a good criterion, but compatibility and connectivity should be looked at as well. I am a user but not a programmer. Seeing as how Ude5224 bought this drive to replace a dying 24x, I wanted a bigger speed bump! About Users Administrators Developers. Click the Burn button to begin recording.

Write files to a CD or DVD

Mon Dec 01, 6: Seems only to work for Disk Uitilty. Fine working condition please note the DC adapter cord is missing. Piquet on Nov 06, ’03 Shop through our app to enjoy: However, you could have disabled the feature in Nero by just unticking a checkbox I tried setting the DRDeviceSupportLevel key to a string type and setting the string as any of the 3 supported levels but that didn’t work.

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