With the info on it I fixed this exact problem with my CX – it was a breeze and it saved me from tossing the thing in the trash and buying a new one which I was close to doing! I own a costume shop and am starting the Halloween rush. But, unless there is an alternate access to this tube and the black-and-white contraption above it, I don’t see the value until guided otherwise by those with experience in performing this surgical operation! In some more expensive printers, you may want to get an estimate to replace the print head assembly, but as a general rule, its not really economical to do in the smaller epson ink jet style printers. Red seemed to be more yellow. Ok, I see it’s attached with a spring. I want to thank www.

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I am getting pages that print specs of color that are barely readable and somewhat faded black. This three-in-one unit held great promise, but I’d pay the same amount for just a printer only, if the ink jets keep working the way they ought to.

Thanks for the help! Returned warranty printers, then go thru the 544000 Repair Facility, where they are repaired.

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I love this printer, BUT it is strarting to seem like it may be time to change it up in the household. Regards Satpal – Anonymous.

The printer sat for about three weeks and I am sure that the ink has dried in the print heads. Or are my CX days coming to a quick end?

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What I think 5400 end up using, though, is a small four-inchlightweight, adjustable crescent wrench. Thanks to everyone explaining the tube disconnection problem — this is what was wrong with my epsoon too.

The tube is reconnected, however, upon reassembly, my printer is telling me that there are no ink cartridges detected. I’m not trying to be overly critical; I’m merely asking for help while I try to offer constructive feedback that could result in an improvement in the way all this valuable information is delivered to people like me, who might like to effect our own repairs, but who don’t want to damage our machines beyond repair in an attempt to do so.

I got it all the way apart and the tube is firmly attached! Wow, this worked great!!!!!!! However, coming here gave the technical insight to understand that the design flaw can be fixed. That black, plastic tip slides into a tiny, flexible rubber hose that is about an inch long.

No matter how many times a “cleaning” cycle is run, nothing will print. However, if this is the problem you should not be able to print either?!

Epson Stylus CX5400 printing problem

Instead, I went through this forum and went ahead with the disasembly – I have the print head out. Sometimes you will even get error messages up on your monitors screen, telling you that you are actually using a non-epson ink cartridge, or that your printer cannot recognize the cartridge that you installed.

My ink is full, all colors are working but I am getting yellow lines runnng down my pictures only not text. I own a CX with the tube problem. There are people that say they use generic or third-party inks or ink cartridges in their epson printer and have never had a problem.


BTW, how long is the warranty? Is the black head dead? Any difference in the ink formulation can clog the small print head nozzles or damage other critical components.

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Check your connections of the cables you took out to dissassemble. The hose fell off when my mother in law changed the ink cartridge. I bet you guessed it What brand of ink are you using? With the nozzel check, it didnt show any ink coming out except for magenta. I pretty much just need to know the steps in order to cleaning what needs to be cleaned and how to take it apart and put it back together. That was almost the first thing I did. Could somebody please respond positively to my letter which I have pasted again below, in particular why an Epson ORIGINAL cartridge should stop printing, and why is the ink depleting on the replacement cartridge that will still not print, thank you: I was going to follow thru and order the cleaning solution to unclog my print head but decided to run the head cleaning a few more times and was successful.

The 3rd was a new Epson CX for