Cleveland Hibore 9 hybrid iron with a graphite regular flex shaft. I also have the 9. While striking the ball there provides the most ball speed, it often does so with a lower launch angle and more spin than is optimal. The HiBore is certainly unique to look at, but what bothered us most was the closed face. The distance that i hit is around meter. Your review title You must enter a title.

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Cleveland HiBore Irons

I clevelznd the club to the range shortly after purchase to try it out. Rate this glof Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating.

On the course it use the 3 wood and it works for me as it is a little stiffer than my driver Driver says Uniflex but it feels like a lady or senior and it get pretty much the same distance or even longer.

Despite being a sucker for more popular brand names, the HiBore felt much more natural in my hands.

Comparing to previous Gary Player Ignitor Plus hybrids, the drive is about 30 metres longer and a lot straighter at any point of time. Good luck with that new Hi-Bore.

Consumers voted with their wallets, and the HALO is the third-best selling hybrid at retail.

hiboore My first round with it yielded booming drives and a P. Choking up will also build your confidence for that time when you become more comfortable with your swing and new driver, and you really start to rip it. I am used to the aid, so I found the lack of an alignment aid disconcerting.


Cleveland HiBore

Read these clebeland and bought one. The Cleveland HiBore is a radically shaped driver that boasts, for perhaps the first time in the age of the titanium driver, a sweet spot that perfectly lines up with the center of gravity.

I have not yet had the chance to hit on the course, only the range, but it looks to be a good yards longer than my old driver. Cleveland says traditional domed-crown drivers have a higher CG that does not align with the center of the clubface where CoR is the highest.

Cleveland HiBore Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 51 reviews –

The finely woven elastic fibers of the sock stretch more than enough to accommodate the oddly shaped club head and the attractive use of red, yellow, navy, and white lends itself to just a plain good-looking cover. The crown has been painted in a black matte finish that, while not exactly non-glare, definitely creates less glare than the glossy polishes of most other driver crowns.

I have never been a slicer except when I first started playing gold 40 years ago. With the hibore its around meter. Could somebody help me? This chart shows folf optimal launch conditions for a variety of ballspeeds.

The HiBore is actually one of the most attractive drivers on the market. Sorry for the bad english.


Cleveland HiBore Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Close-up photos of the faces are in order: Your name You must enter your name. I picked up the HiBore stiff shaft, Share this with your golf buddies: The headcover is not included.

That said, the wide body construction allows weight to be located further from the face, making the design extremely forgiving. On sale from March 1. I hit a few around when contact was good. Went to the range and immediately and starting to expernece the draw biased design and high tracjectory flight. And when world number-two Vijay Singh makes a virtual immediate change after winning 13 tournaments in the last two years, you know this must be a club worth looking at.

Your review title Clwveland must enter a title. Hits the ball super high and straight as advertised. Any supporting comments about this club being a fader and suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.

The nice thing was the shot would start left and fade back near to my line of sight without losing too much distance.

Once in a while I clevelad get that high draw but with the distance I get with either of these clubs I will take that straight or slight fade with the high launch.