We are going to change this to “V. It’s possible to switch the Vi into ECM mode. Click “Load from phone”. Sometimes it would not. I always gave it a recent date less than one year old. When you plug in the phone you should see something like this:. They are not well organized, but for now pay attention to these:.

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The P2KSeem4V does not seem to be able to put this particular model of phone into service mode by itself, so you v32xx help from the MSU.

Personal tools Log in. Basically all this does it send a signal to the phone to tell it that it’s about to have it’s brain reprogrammed so it should go into a special service mode.

Looking for USB drivers for motorola a41x/v32x

This is why Apple’s iPhone is eating their lunch. Click “Save to phone”. You need to get Motorola Phone Tools.

Here is a sample session where I talk to the phone and cause it to dump all if its phonebook entries.


Move the cursor in the hex dump to select the Offset bytes below and set the bits as indicated then click “Save to phone”. After all, what mobile phone company wants to actually hear from their customers? In fact some older ones may be better because I read that you can manually override the phone driver configuration.

It’s possible to switch the Vi into ECM mode.

Motorola A41x/V32x driver

Run the setup program. You want “Selected byte details” to show Offset: It’s easy, but if you mess up the part about the MSU below then it can get confusing. If it shows a registration window for updates then click “Register later Windows 10, Windows 8.

You don’t need to update again, but you do need moorola have it running while you do the next steps. Do not run p2kseem.

Motorola V325i and V323i

I used the internal update to get it to Version 5. Just scroll down to see them! Now stop and leave the MSU running. It will make sense when you see it. Install “Motorola Phone Tools” Version 5.

This is voodoo, but it’s best to be safe and start clean. Reported Installation Motoroola Rate: Author Write something about yourself.


But yes im trying to transfer images from my pc to my phone cause replying to my email messages dont work Why don’t you join us today! You should not need to install any device drivers to support this mobile phone. Just let it use the drivers it finds the new drivers you just installed. When you plug in the phone you should see something like this:.

Says it’s to use phone as modem but that is besides the point. Watch whichever one seems to work. Well the title says it all. Windows 10 32 bit It might say “Select whether you want to repair or remove Motorola Software Update”. It may work with motodola versions.