The compiler switch, -K , was used to retain the internal form information needed for optimization in the link step and the switch, -fs , used to turn off runtime checks. The device header is an extension of the normal character device header; see Figure 2. If you get a DOS prompt at that point then it is the cdrom. McCoy, — Sam Houston St. Make sure yours matches and then close Notepad. Surely we can get this to work! Possibly this should be moved to the retrocomputing stack exchange.

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Microsoft DOS mscdex command

Download the latest driver from our ftp site. In the usual DOS sequence that I’ve observed, the call to the interrupt routine immediately follows the call to the strategy routine and the ES: It’s been a while. You need to know what the entries are for your drive by looking at ce users guide.

Does anybody know how I would be able to gain access to the MS-DOS prompt and use the computer while the driver is loaded? The extension consists of the three fields after the device name: The drivers I was going to e-mail are intended to be installed from a floppy diskette.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Usually it can be disabled by a jumper on the sound card. BX at the request header when it calls the interrupt routine. This exception allows the driver to be installed more than once using the same net name for simultaneous access to more than one CD-ROM server.

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The request is passed to the driver in two calls.

EXE from say the root directory of drive C: Hence, communications with the driver should use the MSCDEX-supported send-device-driver request rather than calling the driver directly. Then you edit the autoexec.

If you remain totally within an environment of “correct” Ada programs, there’s no problem. When the packet arrives from the client via NetBIOS, the command code and all subsequent bytes of the packet are treated as a byte slice and are shifted right one byte in the array. This will decompress the self-extracting file onto the floppy diskette. A phishing site will accept it; a legitimate one won’t.

ro, A discriminant record is used for the internal representation of the externally generated device-driver request header. Send me your e-mail address and I’ll send the files and instructions to you.

Perhaps it’s a simple misconfiguration.


If you get a DOS prompt at that point mscxex it is the cdrom. I can get the card and CD drive to now behave. Or you could connect the cd drive to the sound cards IDE port. I noticed something above in your instructions that might cause a problem for me regarding having a ‘bootable’ disk for the Compaq. Thus, INIT isn’t needed, so it’s omitted.


When a request exceeds this, the client makes multiple requests to the server. DriveLetter is a read-only field for the driver and both it and Reserved should be initialized to 0. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

To do so, however, NetBIOS must be configured to handle at least 32 rlm and 32 outstanding commands. Okay you knew what package I had and yes, aspi4dos.

for installing new CD ROM

When kscdex scheduler queue is empty, there will not be an active LISTEN and the server msscdex not respond to new client calls. BAT, you should get two messages, one from each part of the driver, that will tell you the status of the driver load. It appears that much was removed from this old computer; almost as if someone got into the hard drive and started deleting things willy-nilly.

Post as a guest Name. However, that does not help me considering that I am unable to do anything with the computer once the driver loads.