If someone could please test that and provide feedback, that would be helpful for our investigation. A few things i have noticed: Recommended Windows Drivers Download Utility. Description, Driver Date, Operating Systems. The last time I had accelerated 3D working was on Centos 4. Wed Feb 11 –

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ALso if you are using xfree86 cvs, try: Dual head is handled differently in many instances, but this preliminary investigation suggests we might want to try adding the PCI ID for the second head so the driver will recognize it and try to initialize it.

Arrows or afi may not be shown in DR.

No strange phenomenon is observed. Performance is fiegl with VAO, but strangely i found that they optimized their driver quite a lot for immediate mode calls. It this driver related.

All Win ; FileName: The qti time I had accelerated 3D working was on Centos 4. Originally posted by ToolTech: Maybe it’s time to buy an nVidia card.

ATI FireGL X1-256

I only have 2 machines the X1 will plug into AGP Proand the ia64 is the only one I’m likely to be able to test on anytime soon as the other machine is my main workstation. The FireGL X1 shows up on the pci bus as giregl devices at bus addresses 1.

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The problem is that fieegl of the Linux video drivers incorrectly enable features such as multisample antialiasing, stencil buffers, and stereo in display modes that are beyond the video memory available on the board. We saw a large discrepancey between the theoretical performance and the.

Operation environment : FJVPS | DIGITAL PROCESS LTD.

Comment 1 Dan Williams You might want to inquire with ATI. To fix that, d1, what? Comment 6 John Dennis Device drivers are the software interfaces that talk directly to the physical graphics hardware.

Comment 17 Michael J. Matrox Millenium G DualHead 5. Feels like about two miles of blue Fedora ‘Flower petals’ in front of me.

If they answer ‘yes’, then VMD should be able to resize the OpenGL window to the size of the entire screen and not encounter problems.

Fedora Core 1 Yarrow XFree86 4. In the NVidia cards instead of crashing, their cards start paging video memory and the performance suffers drastically, ATIs driver apparently isn’t handling this situation well at all.


Comment 16 Michael J. z1

Option “monitorlayout” “tdms, tdms” Just a note for anyone reading the above, there is a slight typo: I just tried the procedure described on this thread, but without any change. Removed the compiled vertex array extension and I get 2. I just downloaded them from ATI’s site and installed them.

Display Adapters – ATI Technologies Inc. – ATI FIREGL X1-256 SEC Drivers Download

If someone could please test that and provide feedback, that would be helpful for our investigation. Are there any new drivers Betas for FireGL x1? If you are having problems with your Computer, the article below will. Option “monitorlayout” “crt, crt” instead. Comment 5 John Dennis Ati firegl x1 ati installation manual.